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The Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor is one of Ontario's largest econmic engines:

  • It is home to 6 million Ontarians and generates 17% of Canada's GDP.
  • It employs 200,000+ tech workers - second only to Silicon Valley.
  • It is home to 150,000 tech companies and one of the world's most sophisticated financial sectors.

Connect the corridor represents the top business leaders in the Toronto – Waterloo Innovation Corridor.

We are committed to connecting people to good jobs and pushing our economy forward through reliable, fast and frequent, rapid transit across the corridor.

Rapid and frequent rail within the Innovation Corridor is a key to reducing congestion on our roads and making a tangible impact on our environment.

About Us :


Rapid and frequent rail transit within Ontario’s Innovation Corridor is a potential win for our province and our country.

There is (80%) support accross the province:

Rapid and frequent rail will be well-used, and fnancially viable:

Approximately 500,000 Ontarians beleive they would use a service like this everyday

once a week.
1,300,000 once a week.

52% of current Ontario commuters say they would would use this service to go to work or school.

The Toronto Region Board of Trade estimates that congestion and delays along the Corridor costs Canadian businessess and consumers between $500 and $650 million per year in higher prices for goods.

A rapid and frequent rail solution could save $20 billion in passenger travel time savings, road maintenance cost avoidance and reduced congestion.


  • Frequent - 15 minute service, 30 in off peak.
  • Fast - Electrified express service during peak.
  • Now - Relief is needed now to realize the full economic potential of the corridor.

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